Allison in DV Hey there guys, I'm Susanne.

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Hi guys! I'm Susanne. How are you? Although I wanted to see you, Vanessa and I have worked like mad. I don't think I'd be here today without these young Bettys that I found while out shopping. These two girls were looking for new socks and I immediately knew they would be a problem. They were both young and in dire need of training. Knowing Vanessa was not in town, I invited them to my house for some fun. Let's just say, I needed some alone time with them before Vanessa gets them. We shaved our legs and climbed onto the bed as soon as we returned to my house. My panties also say "Sweet", but that's another story. Our cute little little bodies were sexy and we washed each other's hair. Allison lay Gina down, and I leaned down to lick her tits. I kissed her feet and rubbed her legs, kissing her and her tit. Gina seemed to be doing fine in Doggy, biting Allison's foot and licking it. She pulled her socks off and began to lick her feet, sucking her big foot. Gina knew she was having a good time when she reached out to touch my neck and kissed me like we were old friends. We continued to kiss and sucking Allison on the feet and toes. Gina began to lick and suckle on my tits, my nipples rose right up. Allison was having fun with my tits as I kissed her leg. She was lying down when she fell asleep. She was able to lift her leg and I began kissing it. Gina laid down on Allison and Gina began to play with Gina's Toes, sucking them and pulling off her socks. Allison came over and I licked my tits, nipples, and Gina began sucking her feet. She switched between them trying to determine which she preferred. Gina pulled Allison's pants to one side, and Gina and me began to rub her pussy. I used my finger to ruffle her skin, and it felt soft and warm. As Gina was licking her feet and toes, I reached over to kiss Allison's bottom. Gina pulled Allison�s panties over to one side, and I began licking Allison's twat. It was delicious. Allison got up, sat down, and Gina began to stroke her stomach. Gina then pulled Allison's panties over her shoulder and started to rub her bottoms. Allison raised my Smart pants and I began to lick my nervous snatch. I was attempting to teasing her clit with my tongue. I then reached up and started to rub my tits. My nipples were still hardening. Allison was on her all-fours. I grabbed her foot, and Gina began to rub it on mine. After Allison had been lifted to my lips, I was sucking and licking her foot and toes. Gina also did the same. After a brief kiss, we pulled Allison's feet down and began to lick her underwear. We continued our work by rubbing her hair and eating her wet twat. Allison began to lick Gina's leg and feet. I then started to squeeze her tits and reach down to rub her cunt. As I laid down on Gina's back, she began to nibble at my twat while I was rubbing her tits. Allison was also sucking my toes. Allison pulled Gina's pants to one side, and she continued to lick my tits while I tongued her. As Gina was playing with her tits I reached out and kissed her. Allison was sucking her pussy, and I began licking her tits. Allison removed Gina's pants and I began licking Gina's pussy with my tongue, teasing her swelling clit as Allison licked her toes and foot. As Gina sucked on Allison's toes as they lay in a circle, I reached down to rub my cunt on Gina's big foot. Gina began to squeeze her tits. I reached down and began to rub her pussy. It was warm, wet, and soft. As we laid down, Allison began to suck on Gina's feet while I was sipping on wet twat. Alison reached out and began to rub my pussy while I tongued Gina�s wet pussy. She was moving her head backwards and forwards, so I sucked on her clit and let her have an orgasm. Gina reached out and grabbed Allison's feet, then began sucking on her toes before she came over and kissed me. Allison lay on her stomach, rubbing her pussy all over. I began to lick her feet and Gina started to lick her bottom. Gina began playing with Allison�s tits when I reached down to give her a cunt. Gina began sucking my legs, Allison inspected my clit and then started to eat my wet puss. Gina reached out and touched my toes and feet, and she then played with my tits. Gina came up to me and squeezed the other one while I was having fun with my tit. Gina came over and began to lick and touch my nipple. As we laid side-by-side, one leg was covered and the other unadorned.

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