Audrey Rose in domination Amazing Carly Simon look alike hopelessly struggles Orgasms ripped from her helpless body Brutal

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Audrey Rose is now Hogtied. Audrey Rose is now Hogtied. She is completely helpless, her legs are spread out and tied. The first step is to remove her clothing slowly, humiliating her and then expose her cunts and ass. Next comes the screaming. First it's the cane, then her single tail and then some heavy slapping. Her ass becomes brightly red and hot, swelling quickly. The lookalike suffers and suffers well. AudreyA is given a large dildo and a vibrator. Once she's stuffed, the vibrator performs its magic on AudreyAs delicate clit. Her helpless body is quickly ripped apart by orgasm after orgasm. She can only moan and plead for her orgasms not to end, but it's so fun! Audrey gets tired and we pull her as high as possible with a crotch string. Audrey suffers in vain...

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