Bellatrix in NipplePlay Welcome to the Party, Toilet

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Date: 1573941600

This POV features Miss Raevyn and Mistress Kandy as well as Princess Lily, Lady Bellatrix, and Princess Lily. Miss Raevyn takes the lead and has to go to the toilet so badly she cannot even get to the restroom. Plus, she will pee all over the floor as she loves to see how you clean it up. After removing her pants, she squats down and let out an enormous amount of hot urine. As she walks off, the pee begins to spread across the ground. Kandy shouts at you to go into the bathroom, where Kandy is sitting. Kandy slides her pants to one side, but she urinates on the fabric. She knows that men are always interested in her dirty clothes. The stream of urine comes out her mouth and she then puts her hand into it. She tells us to aEURoeLick It Up, little bitchaEUR. Kandy has just finished and Lily lies on the toilet, her feet resting on the seat. You are instructed to stick your finger in the toilet bowl and lick it. Lady Bellatrix, who lives in the dungeon across the house is currently pooping on the ground. Her pee has turned out to be very golden. You are instructed to lie down on the ground and continue to pee, this time in your groin. She has to fart, and she raises her leg. You are told she's going to go out, and that she needs you to lie in her piss till she comes back. You never know who might stop by your toilet mouth to help you. Congratulations!

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