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Date: July 04, 2005

Hey there guys, I'm Laura, Laura Lion a sexy and very horny chick from Prague. I've got a nice round ass, tight juicy pussy and a luscious pair of jugs. I just love my big tits and all the fun I have with them. I share this flat with a guy that I hardly ever see, he goes to school mostly every night. I only know he's around when I hear him fucking some girl next door. I tried more than once to catch his eye but he always seems to be somewhere else. So today I went down to, All those Tits the owner Sabina helped me pick out something real sexy and nice. When my roommate came home I called him in my room and asked what he thought of my new look.He came in my room reading a book and acting like he didn't care. I started teasing him slowly rubbing my body all over. I grabbed and squeezed my big soft tits and started playing with them, pushing them together. I looked down and saw the bulge in his pants and knew he wanted to fuck me. He dropped his book and came over to me. He started kissing me, running his hands over my body, grabbing my huge boobs. While he was still standing and me on all fours I grabbed his cock and started licking it up and down before slipping it in my warm wet mouth. I sucked up and down his long hard cock, over and over again, I can feel it still growing in my mouth. I kept bobbing my head, slurping up and down his thick cock. I wrapped my jugs around his big hard shaft and he started pumping his cock between them. He reached down and spread opened my legs, put his tongue on my cunt and started licking. He sipped slurped and sucked my wet pussy from the bottom up, tonguing and sucking my hard pink clit .He spread my legs even wider apart and slid his cock in my tight wet hole. He started pumping his hard cock in and out of my little wet twat driving it deeper and deeper, getting every inch of pussy I have. He stood up slipping his hard slick cock from my hot wet hole, and I sat up on the bed. I quickly wrapped my lips tightly around his throbbing cock and started bobbing my head up and down again and again. I licked and slurped all over his long hard cock. He laid down and I got on top of him with my tight round ass facing him, I slipped his wet throbbing cock in my tight wet cunt and he started pumping his cock in my wet puss, with long hard strokes. My big tits were bouncing and shaking as he kept shoving his thick cock deeper in my wet twat, harder and harder, with every stroke. I slid his hard thick cock from my hot wet puss, and got down on all fours. With my big tits straddling his cock I wrapped my lips tightly around his long hard shaft and bobbed my head up and down. I sucked up and down his thick throbbing cock, licked the tip hard and fast, around and around. He took his hard sloppy cock and slid it in my cunt from behind. We started fucking like two dogs in heat. He rammed his thick cock in and out of my hot wet twat, my tits were shaking from him pounding my puss from the rear. He slid his long cock from my hot wet cunt and we laid down with him behind me. With my legs still closed he stuffed his big hard cock in my tight little ass and started pumping it in and out. He opened my legs and drove his cock in my ass even deeper still. I could feel my tight ass being stretched open as he slid his thick cock in and out of my ass again and again. He pulled his big cock out of my ass and I slipped it in my mouth. I slurped, slobbered and sucking up and down thick cock as hard as I could. Then he laid down, I spun around and got on top with my ass in his face. I slid his hard slobbery cock back in my tight little ass, he started sliding his thick cock in and out, again and again. He kept shoving his hard cock further uo in my ass. He was fucking my little ass hard and good. I got up sliding his thick cock from my ass, laid down and opened up wide, he got on top and stuffed his long hard cock back in my ass. It felt like he was fucking me with everything he's got He kept sliding his thick cock in and out of my tight ass with long, fast hard strokes, he slid his hard thick cock from my tight ass and shot a huge load of hot cum all over my face and big tits. Read more

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