Brandi Mae in submission Muscle Babes: Brandi Mae vs Jasmeen LeFleur

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Date: 1514930400

Brandi Mae, a muscular babe, has big biceps and six-pack abdominals. She also boasts huge, bouncing pecs. SheAC/a!a,,C/s taking up a novice whoAs as determined to become as strong as her. Jasmeen, a hot Latina brunette, is SheA's opponent. Jasmeen, a beautiful and muscular tan goddess, has huge tits. She also has huge abs. SheA is a formidable force and sheA will take down Brandi. The match will be 100% competitive and erotic, with the winner getting sexy. The third round ends with this match. The match is close, with just a few points going for the winner. The girls work so hard they have to stop and take breaks. The winner decides who has it the most. After face-fucking the loser with a strap, the winner puts the loser on the mats. The loserAs pussy is fucked deep and hard by the winner. She then getsA's an ass in her ass and ass licking, and finally she has a hard strap in her ass. After making the loser worship her superior biceps, she then proceeds to worship her Giant clit. After the winner has rubbed her juice fat clit all over the loserAs body, she then cums. After this competitive sex battle, the loser is taken out and broken.

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