Dee Williams in gag Couple's Cuckold Conundrum

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Pierce Paris tirelessly works on Dee Williams' taxes. Dee is happy to be home with her husband. Pierce ignores her when she tells Pierce that she is eager to spend some time alone. To catch Pierce's attention, she exposes her beautiful tits. She strips to her bottoms to show him her gorgeous thighs. But he continues to type on his computer. Dee is now angry and infatuated. She texts Kip Johnson, her tennis coach. Kip receives a photo of Dee and she writes that she is looking for a man. Dee is able to get on with the job and Kip immediately comes along. KipA is rolled up in her pants and she sucks the cock of Dee right in front. Pierce, Pierce's husband finally notices that his wife is sucking cocks from strangers. Dee explained that he was not being more attentive to his wife's needs and getting mad. Pierce tells her that Pierce should suck Kips' cock if he really wants to be fair to her. Pierce reluctantly wraps his lips around KipA and suckers it. Dee commands her husband to undress as Dee bends down on the couch so that Kip can lick her bum from behind. Pierce is forced to do pushups as she crops her genitals. Dee next applies clothespins PierceA's bag and then rips it off using her teeth. The next scene shows Pierce naked, with a ballgag in his mouth. Dee whips Pierce with a leather flogger, while Kip dances in the background. He climbs up on her and she shoves her massive dildo into his sex. She then fucks him with her strap-on. Kip is invited to her pussy and she will fuck it while her dildo remains in her husband's. Dee then puts her husband on her back, and pushes his two nuts up his thigh. Pierce watches as she gets fucked by Pierce. Pierce tells her to turn around and get a better look from under her as Kip is fucking it. Dee requests that Kip cum in her, and she spits out his fat loads. Dee instructs Kip not to scram, and pushes his entire cum on PierceA's face in the hope that heAs learnt his lesson.

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