Devin Rae in Oral Devin Rae

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Devin Rae was the first thing that made me want to hide my face under her big, sexy tits. Then I realized that Devin Rae is Throated, and she would have a hard time deep-throating a cock while my head was in the way. Devin instantly says she enjoys deep-throating and boasts about how sheA's been able to get 12 inches into her throat. It's almost an assurance that girls will choke and be completely destroyed if they brag about how big their cocks are. Devin doesn't giddy a lot, but she does it till her face is full of thick cocks and then looks straight at the camera. Devin Rae can squeeze her bums as she attempts to swallow the cock. This is a great bonus for anyone who likes to be a titman or woman. *Monique*

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