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Date: June 06, 2019

My partner Vicky Vixxx and now I have been waiting a very long time for it! Finally a lender has approved the start up loan to our brand-new organization. We visit the bank to sign the paperwork and also our enthusiasm is simply spilling over. In loan officer Brandon and she tells us that she is and that our loan is refused. The information is devastating however beautiful blond Vicky and I choose to take things into our own hands. We wait at bitchy Brandon´s home and we overtake her as she walks from your door! Vicky roughly catches Brandon is a tight choke hold and XXXX her to the floor. I straddle the uppity banker and Vicky retains Brandon&extreme;s arms together so I will tie them up behind her back. Brandon still continues to conduct her huge mouth threatening to call the cops on us we double team her pushing a large rag into her mouth and hammering it in with tape. I&severe;m still straddling Brandon because Vicky shows her the loan consent document she will signal before we are through with her. I include a tight pussy splitting crotchrope giving the uptight banker a swimsuit. Brandon struggles kicking her thighs and sobbing throughout her gag while I bind her legs with Vicky´s help. Leggy Vicky removes Brandon&severe;s pricey high heel stilettos and sets them on. I hogtie Brandon and obviously leave her wrists untied so she can sign the loan! I put next to Brandon and grope her enormous tits. Vicky shoves a pen into Brandon&severe;s hands and now we XXXX her to sign off on our loan we then return into the bank leaving poor Brandon barefoot, jump, gagged and struggling helplessly on the ground.

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