Eli Hunter in Rough Sex Eli Hunter vs. DJ - The Veteran Returns Nakedkombat.com

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Date: 1441141200

Eli Hunter and DJ, after a lengthy absence, will be back on the KinkMen floor. Both are determined to take down their rival athletically as well as sexually. DJ promises DJ a hard-hitting match. DJ is cool and warns Eli that DJ greatly underestimates his wrestling background. They are equally matched on the mat and push each other to their limits, with both of them sweaty, toned bodies. The loser is made even more humiliated by the close result. The winner throws the prize down and makes the loser choke, give up his horse and worship God. For a punishing fist in bondage, the loser is thrown into the locker room. The loser is forced to submit and the winner stomps his sex. Before accepting his load, he eats the winning's.

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