FinDom It Feels So Good When We Hurt Him

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Date: 1547672400

Lady Bellatrix is reunited with Miss Jasmine for the first-time in several years. The first thing that they do together when they meet up is to hurt a slave. Jasmine sits on the slave's face, telling Bellatrix that he is quite skilled at abuse. Jasmine hits his balls with his hands and cocks, and Bellatrix twists and squeezes his nuts. This forces JasmineaEUR (tm) to blow up JasmineaEUR(tm), which Jasmine says is really nice. She then encourages Bellatrix hurt JasmineaEUR(tm). Bellatrix cups Jasmine's balls, and then slaps him repeatedly as they talk. While they talk about their philosophy, Bellatrix and JasmineaEUR (tm), continue to cause the slave pain by repeatedly slapping them. Bellatrix is tired from a 11-hour flight. Jasmine suggests that she send Bellatrix a bumhole message so they can switch places. Bellatrix lies on his back, and Jasmine controls his balls. Bellatrix mentions that her pants are stained from the gangbang party she attended the night before and instructs Jasmine to take them inhale. The two of them talk about cum leaking out quite later than expected, sometimes to their surprise. Bellatrix pulls at his nipples, while Jasmine twists her cock and balls. Jasmine comments on how he's getting really hard. Bellatrix shifts to a more forward position, so that the ladies face each other. The two women decide to punch each other in the backs and try to beat the slave. BellatrixaEUR (tm)'s ass can muffle his screams. Jasmine goes one step further by standing tall and crushing his balls with her feet, before going back to punching. Although this slave loves ballbusting, these two go above and beyond. As they're about to end their session, they discover some pre-cum on the slave's cock. Pre-cum is a sign that he desires more. Jasmine tells them and they resume punching.

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