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Tags: Crying   Dildo   Fucking   Foot Caning   Caning   Begging   Ball Gag   Endza Adair   2015

Category: Penetration


Date: August 12, 2015

Cam girls like Endza are such a tease. They sit flash their tits and ass somewhat, and expect guys to keep throwing money at them. Sure, they may say things that are nice, plus they'll even flirt, but you know that there s only about zero chance of them really putting out. Well, some men aren't satisfied. Endza will find the danger of enticing strangers. She believes that she's anonymous, safe behind the computer monitor, but over the years she's handed out too much information and some interested gentlemen have come knocking on her door, trying to give the audiences at home a show like they've never seen before. Cease, scream, cry, whine, beg, she can say whatever she needs, but nothing makes up to each of the time she has spent exploiting men. The only way that she can cover that is in pain.

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