Jasmine in Cuckold ExHusbands Now Live Under the Bed Clubstiletto.com

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Date: 1389391200

Mistress Kandy, and Mistress Jasmine managed to take Kandy's ex-husbands and place them under Kandy’s bed. They insult, taunt, and humiliate their ex-husbands. Mistress Jasmine forces her husband to worship her feet right out of her shoe. Kandy is then made to smell Kandy’s pants and put them on his head by Mistress Jasmine. They become so enraged by the degrading of their ex-husbands that they start having affairs. This is girl-girl fun at its best. Because they've not given their husbands food and water in days, the two chums make fun of each other. They are both hungry and thirsty, and they have to share their food every day to live. This is not an exception. The Mistresses and the Mistresses make out on top of the bed while the mistresses below are desperately trying to eat the other bitches. It's hot and steamy, it is crazy.

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