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This week, we have an overload of meat as Jessie Alan (24 year old Tampa boy) and his uncut large dick. We are not complaining. Jessie smiles while Max Gunnar sits beside him. Max Gunnar is 19 and hails from Largo FL. There may be something more to these two people than what is obvious. Hmmm. Hmmmm. Jessie enjoys Grey Goose and Red Bull. Max prefers Tequila and Coke for hard drinks. Then, we asked them what their last treat was. Both of them came up the same with the answer: a pair of really good shoes. Jessie admitted that he's had a relationship with someone who is bigger than him. Jessie was fortunate to have him as a friend. Max was then asked what the ideal cock looked like. As he blushes, he turns to Jessie and smiles ear-to-ear. Jessie was then asked to give us a description of the ideal ass. "Not too stiff, not too plump in the middle. A" Most likely I have a little pink hole that you could open. Max is able to handle this request. They start having sex even before filming begins. As they begin to change their clothes, it is clear that these two have chemistry. Max kisses JessieA as he moves south, along JessieAs tattooed torso, until he finally reaches his tent in the jeans. He takes them off and he lays down on his thick, uncut cock. Jessie moans and watches Max dance on the dick. Max is a devotee of that dick. He takes his time and makes JessieAs cock beat. Max eats as much as possible of the cock. Jessie is delighted as Max gets his dick done. Max stands up and offers Jessie some dick. Jessie then gets down on his knees, and Max takes his head off of Jessie's. MaxA's cock rocked as he watched it vanish into JessieAA's hungry stomach. Max enjoys the attention, but he doesn't stop there. They move over to the couch to continue working on JessieAs huge python. Jessie bends Max and puts his tongue in front of JessieA's mouth. He prepares the hole for JessieA's fat dick by slipping his fingers into that pink hole. Max is soon horned and ready for the next round. Jessie puts on a suit and watches Max sat on his cock. Jessie pushes the meat into Max's hole while he rides his dick on a reverse cowgirl. As Jessie slams that chunky dick into Max, Max sits still. Max bounces on the thick cock and then he stands still. Max rides the meat like a professional as he takes every inch of it inside. They switch things up when Jessie bends over Max and gives him a doggy kiss. Max grunts and takes a beating with his heavy, swollen balls. MaxA's cock rocks as MaxA gets the hole open. They end up on the couch, MaxA's legs elevated and Jessie deep within him. Jessie slowly pulls on his tight ass, digging Max deeper into the sand. Jessie continues to beat Max fuckinA’ him harder when he gets nut. Jessie pulls out his heavy load and fires it all over MaxA’s face and mouth. Slowly, he rubs the cock of MaxA's cum-soaked lips and face with his spent cock. It's milk, and it does the booty good.

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