Jessie Balboa in West Ida-hoe

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Fur is very much in fashion, and A'manlyA is back. Both of our studs are wearing their fur coats natural this week. has two very furry and hung men. This week, we are featuring two of their sexiest. First, a native Utahn who moved to Fort Lauderdale. HeA's looking for more peace and tranquility in Florida than he could find in California, where he used to live. Ft. Lauderdale was fortunate to have this stud bring his greater A'pieceA’ with him. (Sounds like the size queen alarm!) Josh West is the man we are referring to. Josh West, man of myth and legend, made his debut on this site. This week's second stud is certainly excited to be here. This Latin stud hails from Peru and has already been on our websites a few times. Jesse Balboa, a Latin stud from Peru is now here. He's more than happy to try his hand at Josh. Jessie must have heard our alarm, and heA's already gone. Jessie is a multi-cultural person who has lived all over the world, but heA's spent the most time in Florida. He said that he likes Florida for its weather, beaches, and Josh West, when questioned. ...Shameless. These two get so mad at each other that they don't even know where to start. JessieA and Josh start to have sex, as JessieA moves towards JoshA's growing breasts. JoshA takes off his t-shirt and he begins to examine JoshA's firm abs. Jessie lies down on JoshA and starts exploring again, but this time using his tongue. Josh returns the favor shortly before they reposition. JoshA's chest is licked and nipped, and Josh soon flips him over so he can also explore. JessieA is sent into space by his furry body, which he licks and suckers along with. Josh moves as he takes JessieA's pants off and strips her. JessieA's cock grows by the minute as josh puts it in his mouth. JessieA snatches his lips as Josh works on his food. JessieA has waited for this moment for a while, but it is only the beginning. Jessie kneels before Josh and begins to fiss his throat. JoshAs 9A' beer can is bending JessieAs mouth as he tries to help the huge oral invasion. ItA will take some effort, so Josh puts Jessie on the four and then dives into his beefy ans tongue. Jessie cannot help but moan when Josh takes his ass. HeA is now helpless, as JoshA swirls his tongue around the hole. Josh begins to point at his ass, getting ready for the fucking that will last a lifetime. Josh then gets up to feed Jessie again, so Jessie can get his arse rock-hard. Josh moves into position, and heA's ready to slap JessieAA's thick meat. Then heAA's going to slide his thick cock in. JessieA is eager for the meat, and Josh soon begins to slam deep within him. Jessie grunts as he takes the thick dick. He groans and says, 'Pound that ansA!' Josh agrees. Josh moves Jessie onto a stool and he slides more meat into the chair. Jessie is unable to resist the temptation of asking for more chicken. Josh will do anything to please JessieA as he bounces her sex up and down. These two masculine studs are sweaty and grunting as they get into full gear. Josh starts to beat Jessie, as he immerses himself in his cock harder and faster. Jessie straddles JoshA's cock before impaling himself for more. Jessie rides this thick cock until he cannot hold on any longer and they begin to race to the finish. Jessie and Josh both explode their load over Jessie.

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