Jimmie Slater in Caucasian Wardrobe Malfunction Extrabigdicks.com

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Dylan showed up to a photo shoot along with Jimmie. It is planned to enter the wardrobe and check if the uniform fits. It looks like it would fit, but Dylan discovers that the pants are too tight to cover his bulging crotch. Jimmie's quick-thinking thought gave rise to a brilliant idea. Dylan doesn't mind that his idea seems too empty DylanA. Jimmie kneels down and starts to care for that uncut, sexy cock by pulling at the balls and gently stroking its shaft. His lips are tightly wrapped around it. Dylan is generous and friendly so he drops down to check out what Jimmie has packed. ItA's quite a long dog. Dylan sucking him like a professional, but Jimmie didn't come up to sue another dude. Instead, he took a seat on the chair with his stiffcock pointed up in the air. He then told Jimmie to sit down. Dylan sucks him until his stomach hurts and he sits on the hard shaft. Jimmie screams and they continue to fuck until he is completely drained. Dylan is stunned by what he sees as the sexy cum oozes out and then he makes a big splash all over Jimmie. What about the photoshoot?

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