Kelly Divine

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Date: July 28, 2008

Kelly Divines picture comes up if you look up the word flawless in the dictionary. Nevermind that her tits could be palmed just like a basketball. Forget from getting cold that her skin-tight panties retain a pussy. Ignore that you can bounce a quarter off her tight bum, in other words, if you're able to keep from looking in it.Kelly Divine has everything going for her except a bank account with enough 000s in it. As she shows off her parts in exchange for dollar 19, her financial trouble is solved by the Champagne Room. When a black penis disturbs Kellys set to find her mouth the tide turns in our favour. It looks the advantage was reaped by black cock and as if all her dancing caused Kellys frustration. Since she stuffed down that black cock to the depths of her stomach, kellys green eyes came in contact with the carpet on the wall. Divines black penis intervention went out of lapping up that beef stick and her pussy was adjacent a level when her tongue captured dry up. The stool in the corner came into play once Kelly Divine utilized it to lean around as her creamy slit was on the front end of a shameful thermometer.Those mammoth jugs prevailed as Kelly went to some close seizure out of an overload on her first black cock. Kellys pussy consumed every inch of black sausage as her chest nearly caved in working . No black cock slut will depart until splashes of black goo nailed her on the face. Imagine the look of surprise while Kelly wore a mask of black gunk because the owner of the club gave the every day payout.

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