Kelly Wells Submission Fragments IV

Tags: Bdsm   Humiliation   Metal Bondage   Domination   Corporal Punishment   Harness   Kelly Wells

Category: Submission


Date: August 29, 2007

Fragments IVfragment [ n. (frgmnt) ]part broken off or detachedan isolated, unfinished, or imperfect partan odd piece, little, or scrap.Kelly Wells and also Alexa Lynn are placed through what seems to them a bondage gauntlet from hell.A intense head harness made for punishment and sensory deprivation attracts one of those women under complete control as she's ordered to shave, blind.Bizarre torment along with a humiliating posture, along with unforgiving steel neck, wrist and ankle restraints, serve to enhance the suffering of another nearly to her breaking point.Over their heads, they fight to endure as they intensely feel every lovely moment of the ordeal.For a sadist, their distress and distress is a beautiful sight to behold.

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