Lea Lexis in champion How do you Shag a Five Time Gold Medal Romanian Gymnast? Fuckingmachines.com

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Date: 1312405200

Hard, thatA's how. It's fast. It is obvious that this shoot will be anything but ordinary from the moment Lea Lexis sets foot on set. Ok, let's get this out of the way. Get ready Lea! The Bunny Fucker is the first machine that fails. Lea's body moves with such precision and muscularity that it is impossible for the machine to keep up. She moans and falls down as the cock escapes. We don't like this way of doing things. The Fucksall is the only machine available that can fuck Lea, former gold-medal champ. Lea goes crazy and we get the Fucksall on. It's now on! Anxiety, pussy and screaming orgasms ensue - it is a perfect 10.

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