Lily in Giantess Lily Busts Balls

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Date: 1480885200

Lily is seen sitting on her throne looking gorgeous in her tight PVC shorts with studded stilettos. Her slave, who was tied and suspended helplessly from the ceiling, is bound and tied. She waves her crop and says "So, you know that your duties as slaves include rules...well I'm going to now tell you about these rules." The slave is not an individual; he's a possession. His master, Lily commands him to do what he tells. He doesn't have free will anymore. When his Master, Lily, comes within 10 feet, he instantly drops to his knees. He has lost control of his body and will not be able to communicate with his master. He has already broken one of her rules and will be punished for it. He is then freed from the shackles by her and lowered to his knees. He is thrown in the stomach a couple of times by her spiked sneakers. He is forced to take off her shoes, and she makes him kneel in front of her. This time she kicked him fifteen times. He is reminded that he must be a slave. She then has him fall to the ground and kiss her feet. After a hard day of ball-busting, slaves always love to kiss the Goddess' feet passionately. They might be afraid that the Mistress will do more. Can you smell the sweaty feet of your Mistress?" He responds. I hope that you will think carefully about the next time you feel you could disobey. In a sobby and whimpering slave voice, the slave assured her that he had learned his lesson. He is kept on his all-fours and she walks around on his back to give him four more crushing kicks. She then orders him to walk on all fours. He obeyed her and walked out the door.

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