McKenzie Lee

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Date: October 30, 2016

Meet with Officer Lee.

He is a cop. He's not a cop. . .but sometimes he"bends the rules", so to speak. Now's a fantastic example. On his way he has decided to fall off his wife . Her name is McKenzie Lee, also she is a stripper. This, naturally, is a breach of police procedure. While he is devoting his stripper wife a ride to her team and when his automobile konks out. . .he can't take his car to The Yard. Input his mechanic shop and Isiah Maxwell. They're busy, so it's going to take Office Lee more than a"please" to receive his car repaired before his and his wife's changes begin. More than"pretty please". It's going to take all three of his slutty, the holes of stripper wife for Isiah's staff to create his car straight, and that's OK with Officer Lee. He's a cuckold, and he is going to love an additional cuckold session together along with his beautiful wife!! . . .read longer

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