Netty in Brunette hair Cuties get off on sneaks and socks!

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Date: 1309204800

We love to see Foxy Babes in adorable sneakers and colorful pants! Netty and Edy violet explore their bodies together in an intimate encounter. They use their tongues, toes, and fingers to satisfy lesbian needs. We are treated to a teasing smile as they flash our crotch panels and then rub their feet against their shoes and ankles. Netty sits Pigtailed Edy on her lap as they get to their bottoms. Then, Netty and Netty stretch out on the sofa to remove their socks. Netty is wearing white ankle socks in flower designs and presses them against Edy’s beautiful boobs. Edy rubs Netty’s pink socks against her green panty, and then slips under to rub Netty’s naked pubes. They take off their socks and give each other a kiss. After grabbing their socks, the girls raise their legs and pull their pants down using their toes. Then they lay on the ground to consume pussy. They then kneel and pull their panties down with their toes. Then, for the grand finale, both girls snatch each other's big toes! They then curl up and kiss us goodbye with a sweet, opulent grin. You can see their wild antics in HD video and high-resolution pix!

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