Robbye Bentley in Brunette Robbye Bentley & Kris Slater

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Date: 1332795600

Robbye Bentley is interested in upgrading her windows. Kris Slater (her friend's son) works for an installer company. Kris appreciates the effort and is excited to begin the new job. Robbye and Kris make their way into Robbye's bedroom, where Robbye is taking measurements of the windows. Kris then sees S&M gear sitting on the chair. Robbye can't help but notice both the bondage and the flog. Robbye notices how Kris looks nervous and flustered. Robbye informs Kris that he is now a grown man and has been playing with Kris for a while. Robbye grabs the flog, throws Kris onto the bed and tells him that he's a man now.

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