Ruby in Bi Facebusting The Winner Gets My Ass

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Domina Ruby is seated on her number one slave's chest, with the second just a few feet behind. Domina Ruby keeps her slaves moving and has a third one waiting for them. You could call them teachers pets, struggling numbers 2, or the third dummy, who is kept indefinitely locked up and forgotten for hours each day. She tells them all, "Today we will find out who gets deported to slave number three", before turning to number two and throwing him across the chest. They are both blindfolded and don't know what comes next. Then, she moves between the slaves and flies them on their nipples. They are anxious. She then lands on the other slave's chest, bounces and forces air out of his lungs, and her beautiful ass is right there. She mumbles something, then she gets on the other slave's chest and presses down. He reaches across and offers to buy the second one. As she guards her little twitches, she laughs. She then returns to the number one slave's chest and quickly moves onto his face. He is rewarded with a special treat when she grinds her genitals in his face. Do you enjoy hearing the stories of number one slaves? She taunts one. He responds with a mumbled reply. She reaches out and strokes her crop again, this time to his chest. She gives him more strokes across his chest, and then again on his nipple. He seems very excited now. She might expect more from her, but she returns to the first slave. Then she starts moving back and forth. She sits on the slaves heavily. Some great angles allow you to see her huge ass above each one and crashes down onto him. Then, she surprises number 1. She slams onto the slave's stomach. Next, she moves up to breast-smother him. After pulling his nipple, she sits up. Then she's tossing her body onto another slave. She thanks them all the while and then asks if they are grateful. As she presses her stomach into the number two, she begins to bounce on his stomach. Then she asks them to touch their cocks. "The first to have an erection is me," she said. Two shell-shocked slaves rush to stroke their meat. Two terrified, shriveled dicks. How will it all end?

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