Steven Ponce in Van-tastic

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ExtraBigDicks is once again home to Van Wilder and our Puerto Rican Ginger. Steven is now 32 and was born in San Juan. His parents gave him the opportunity to skydive as a birthday present. Steven loved it so much that he now wants to pursue it as a hobby. "My parents said that I would never forget this gift," Steven says. If he had the chance to have his 21st birthday with any one, we wondered where Van would choose. Van wants to party in Vegas, and Charlie Sheen would be his choice if he could. "He party hard so I want him to show me how much he can party, and to test my ability to live up to that level. Then, we wrapped up the conversation by asking them about their most wild sexual adventures. Van had sex on the roof at their elementary school with his girlfriend. Steven says that there is a bathroom at Church. Steven gets this one. Van lies on his couch, flipping through porn magazines. Steven decides to do the right thing. He says, "You won't use this anymoreA" as he grabs VanA’s magazine and takes it from VanA. There is no other way to enjoy a rainy day indoors. Just as Steven opens wide, the rain begins to fall on VanA. Van grabbed StevenA's neck as he forcedfully fucked his throat. Steven eats all of the meat while Van is enjoying his attention. Van cannot help but to spit that little dick into StevenA's face, wanting it as deep as possible. Steven, who loves his pussy love pole so much that it is burning in his mouth, just sits back as Van watches. Steven grabs VanA’s foreskin and rubs it under his chin, making Van hornier every second. Van puts Steven on the chair and then climbs up to push that dick down his throat. Steven gags as Van pulls at his throat. Van then puts Steven in a chair and climbs up on top of him. Steven watches while Van sits on the thick dick. StevenA's soft ass begins to give way, as the cock makes its way inside. Van doesn't like to wait, and once he gets a couple inches in his body, he begins to smash that cock into Steven. StevenA is a tough guy and doesnAt want to lose his cool as he grimaces and spits on the fat dick. Van holds Steven steady as he presses the cock into him. Van just pumps his sex as Steven groans and winces. Steven is lifted up by Van on the chaise, and then he bends over to kiss him back. Steven takes it all in stride as Van punishes Steven with his huge dick. Steven grabs his ass, and Van just power fists into Steven while he repeatedly slaps the ass. Steven gets up on his back and Van makes Steven a missionary. Steven begs for more as VanA's fat dick glides back in. Van is not one to let Steven down and he picks up his pace while sexing that sex. Steven doesn't care and he fucks Van. Van pulls up and invites the party North. He strokes StevenA's monster cock as he performs a late Birthday Facial. How sweet!

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