Winnie the Hun Part 1

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Date: September 13, 2014

This is the fastest her day escalate Winnie Rider has had. The beautiful blonde begins off with just a metal collar around her neck, answering a few questions that she believed were completely harmless. Obviously she ought to have understood when she started imagining what matters would get that every one of these was likely to end up on the menu. And they are just the warm up.We weren't kidding when we mentioned this escalates fast. Winnie goes into a one on her back from this safe position on her knees. Leather straps maintain her thighs spread wide open, showing off her pretty pussy to the world that is entire. Electrodes run around her nipples, providing a wonderful pinch which she forget about after the shocks begin to them. We would like, when we want her to scream we utilize the pain and pleasure recipe that's sure to provide us the response. Take more than two dozen clothing and one machine hooks strung together into zippers, use both and it permit them work for ten to fifteen minutes until the slut has fully broken. The pain of getting her entire body broken doesn ' t even appear to arrive at her that easily and brutalized, however, we were given the trick to getting within her head at the very start of the feed by poor Winnie. All it requires is a little bit of embarrassing and humiliating petting and she looks like she is on the verge of tears. One thing about it makes her skin crawl, and knowing that there wasn't any way she wouldn't take advantage.

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