Biology class for Cherry!

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Category: Spanking


Date: December 03, 2008

Two of our hottest blonde models are feeling just a tiny bit frisky and Cherry Wiska and Jul only home from school. Looking incredibly yummy in plaid and their shirts skirts. They seem to have Biology and chemistry as they play around on the bed and find sexy ways of wriggling. Then the blessed starlets locate a stash of dildos and vibrators, wonder how that got there! They start playfighting till Wiska has to masturbating right there facing Cherry! Obviously Cherry decides it'd be a great concept to help Wiska, licking and massaging her clit and probing and poking together with the sex toys at both of Wiska's pockets until she's a loud, anal orgasm. Gotta help a friend out, right? Not to mention you have to return the favor , which is what Cherry does of course. When the women are complete it's pretty much a complete smorgasbord! Then the girls caress and kiss because they like the moment that is precious! Naughty school girls, got love em!

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