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Date: March 24, 2017

Eden Sin loves nothing more. She enjoys the sensation as it thrusts in and out, working along her tongue, poking at the back of her throat with its own hint. So that admire her work and she can watch to work on her approach, what she enjoys more is recording it. O.T. is only the next guy on her record as far as she'so concerned, however he's going to have any component of that.When she goes to unbutton his pants and get her lips around his penis he handcuffs her wrists, instead, and locks her elbows to the ground from metal shackles. For the moment it only seems like he wants to do something a bit kinkier than that which she had intended, but it soon becomes clear that he has a little more in mind than as he pushes Eden onto her back and guards her down by her neck also. Her mouth is going to get some fucking, alright, but it's going to be on O.T.'s terms.He straps her down, darkened, onto a supposed desk with just her head, toes, and nipples revealed. He takes advantage of their nipples attaching clamps he then ties her down to her feet so that if she squirms, and she will squirm, her tits are tugged at. He then takes a huge black dildo and starts to shove it s mouth. He pounds it out until the woman is covered in her drool. This is a lesson in dick sucking she won't soon forget.

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