Jasmeen LeFleur in domination Jasmeen LeFleur vs Bella Rossi Ultimatesurrender.com

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Date: 1528232400

The Summer Vengeance series Tournament is now open on Ultimate Surrender. In a single seeded knockout tournament, we have 13 of the best veterans and newcomers this season. Jasmeen LeFleur is the #9 ranked beauty. She's a dark-haired, tattooed woman who began this season by taking on Brandi Mae, our muscular goddess. Bella Rossi (ranked #8) is disappointed that she is not ranked in mid-level wrestlers, but is happy to get to the bottom of everyoneAA's arse to share her story with the world. Jasmeen is training private and appears more toned than ever, with strong and beautiful muscles. Bella has also been working out, but Bella is doing something different. SheA has been writhing on Whipped Ass, other Femdom websites, whipping girls into shape, and making them cum at her will. This showdown shows Jasmeen's explosive power. She is trapped and fingered, but she manages to escape and take control. It is an intense battle between the girls, but only one girl can win the tournament. The loser gets fucked ruthlessly by the winner. All holes are taken, no mercy! After making the champion worship her muscles and eating her pussy, she makes her loser sweaty armspits. The champion then confronts the defeated grappler, and she rides her face to orgasm.

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